Free Thinking Festival – Free, Nov 3 – 5

A weekend of free events including provocative talks, debates, interviews and performance taking place across the city exploring the ideas that will change the way we live.

The iconic Brian Eno launches the festival with the Free Thinking lecture followed by a weekend packed with other free events including debates on
Who does technology put in charge?
Who will tell us what’s right and wrong in the future?
Will the 21st century be the lonely century?
Suggest & explore ideas on the Free Thinking blogs.

AS Byatt, Jude Kelly, Jennifer John, Carl Djerrasi, Phil Redmond and many other celebrated thinkers and commentators take part in the events, including Doreen Massey who, on Sunday, gives the first Open University Radio Lecture

All the events at Free Thinking – except the films– are free but you will need a ticket to gain admission.

All free tickets are available from the BBC Audience Line on 08700 100300 or you can pick them up in person from FACT.

To guarantee your place, you must be in your seat ten minutes before the session begins as we reserve the right to reallocate any spare seats to a stand-by queue immediately prior to the start of the event. Please get there early!

Most sessions are being recorded for broadcast and all will start promptly.

Full details on the Radio 3 Free Thinking webpages: