Final Arena Exhibition – Opens Thursday


Over the past 20 years Arena House has been a prime location for artists studios and creative practice. Established by artist Terry Duffy in 1984, over the years Arena has housed hundreds of artists, designers and musicians. Artists Leo Fitzmaurice and Amanda Ralph had studios in the building, alongside Ocean Software (Sonic the Hedgehog) illustrator Bob Wakelin. Bands Jesus and Marychain, Echo and the Bunnymen and recently new comers Hot Club De Paris have all practiced and performed at Arena House.

As a final showcase, Arena opens its doors this week to the second leg of their 4 floor Biennial Show 2006.

On the ground floor, international artist Brigitte Jurak presents Ich sehe Schwarz Weiss, where viewers encounter a ghostly experience of recognising both familiar and more far removed sculptural buildings. Leon Jakeman and Adam Sloan present the fascinating video installation Beneath the Below filmed in Arena’s sub-basement, where many bands performed in the 80’s, and Sarah McCaulley’s ‘orifices’ take hold of the room in A Passage of Time and Process.

hole-truth Sean HalliganOn the first floor, the Mercy Design agency present )BracketTHIS( III. A menagerie of vision, sound and performance, from 15 established and emerging artists based in the North West of England whos’s work explores ideas of cultural identity, displacement and belonging.

Liverpool based collective RSP1 collaborate with a group from Brighton’s Maze Studios on the second floor in Near Distance. The show includes half a car, a misplaced ice cream and a ‘found’ £20 note.


On the third floor, Arena Members present co.he.sion. The exhibitors consider their current position as artists in Liverpool and their re-location to their new Jordan Street premises, featuring a room filled with letters and envelopes, and some eerie ‘floating’ chairs.

The show has so far been described by Japanese critic Kito Edo as ‘One of the best shows in town’ and by Stephen Toal of Your Fridge Door as: ‘The four-floor venue is like a house party with art. From Brigitte Jurack’s ‘Ich sehe Schwarz Weiss’ on the ground floor to ‘co.he.sion’ on the top floor, they are showcasing a heady brew of contemporary local, national and international artists.’

Viewing Thursday Nov 2 2006 18.00 – 20.00. Exhibtion runs until November 26 2006