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Exclusive. Wake The Sleeping Giant, Sunday Oct 22

receptor-1.jpg receptor-2.jpg

You may have seen several of these ‘receptor dishes’ around Liverpool recently. Please don’t disturb them, they have all been carefully aligned to maximise energy input to help wake up the Sleeping Giant.


And I can exclusively reveal that the grand Waking event will take place this Sunday October 22 2006 at 12.30 on the grassy area between Russell Street and Ainsworth Street, this map gives a rough idea of where it is.

There are twelve ancient Giants sleeping throughout the world. One of them is in Liverpool and its dreaming as it sleeps. Its dreaming a dream of waking up and everyone at the Biennial is part of the Giant’s dreaming.

The location is all to do with chakras or some such. Anyway, the Giant really needs your help, it needs food, love and sincere communication.
So come along on Sunday, meanwhile take a look at the We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant website, I’m sure they will be glad of any help you can offer. Phone 0151 709 9814 (The Art Organisation)