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Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006 – Soon!

jenifer-evans-bloomberg06.jpgSome more info to whet your appetite…

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006
Liverpool Biennial 2006
16 September – 22 October 2006

The annual exhibition, New Contemporaries, arrives out of an open submission by artists on the final undergraduate year at any British art school, current postgraduates, and those already a year out. The selectors this year, Angus Fairhurst, Paul Noble and Alison Wilding, all artists, have selected work by just 36 out of a submission by over 1,200 potential artists.

The integrity, quality, and continuing success of New Contemporaries lies, in part, in the fact that selectors, really do consider every image, proposal and mixture of the two, in a thoroughly drawn out marathon. This takes place in two stages, the first over 5 consecutive days in a blacked-out space, and the second for a number of days where the short-listed work brought to one central space from across the country is further narrowed down and discussed. Works that persist, refuse to go, provoke arguments, disturb or reinforce, are by now quite familiar to the selectors and the resulting exhibition, brings a great range of subtle but exciting media and uses of imagery
and intention.

This year’s show is characterised, in part by a use of print. A use of a familiar landscape stance in engraving reconvened into another series of images (Salvatore Arancio). The slightest visual recognition at a different end of the range of approach brings an unlikely relationship between engraving and advanced technology (Holly Antrum). A giant woodcut shows a number of donkeys who seem to roam forward, the detail of wood grain also shows through (Andrea Buttner).

Selected artists
Holly Antrum, Salvatore Arancio, Athanasios Argianas, Joshua Balgos, Dafni Barbageorgopoulou, Becky Beasley, Terence Besmirch, Kiran Kaur Brar, Sarah Bridgland, Andrea Buttner, Stephen Connolly, Youngmi Chun, Susan Ellery, Jenifer Evans, Jessie Flood-Paddock, John Hughes, Andy Jackson, Chiho Kato, Morag Keil, Katherine Kicinski, Edwin Li, Neil McNally, Nicholas Mobbs, Katy Moran, Laura Morrison, Yuko Nasu, Tom Price, Florian Roithmayr, Lois Rowe, Robert Rush, Henrietta Simson, Matthew Smith, Akiko and MasakoTakada, Akiko Takizawa, Douglas White, Jeremy Willett.