logo-uslSUNDAY 7 February 2010 at St Luke’s Church. Hollywood Homeless Photography exhibition on the railings and interior.
Since November 2009 Urban Strawberry Lunch and the Fab Collective have been working on HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS – a music and photography project made possible by the Employable Communities Fund. The project is now drawing to a close, but has been such great fun since we started we’re already looking for ways we can either carry the project on once it’s officially been closed, or find more money so we can do something similar in the future.

During February we will start to unveil just some of the huge bank of photographs the project participants have produced. Some will be seen on the railings, and others will be available to see inside the building.

On February 14th and February 21st the participants will give two short performances as a lead into the fuller performances that will happen on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February.

Entry to any of the performances or to see the exhibition is by donation. Money raised from this work will be used to keep St Luke’s open to the public, and also to help us fund any future work we can do with the participants.

We really hope you’ll come along and see the work. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and hopefully it will make you think like it made us think. This is a community with a huge amount of talent and a lot to offer.

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