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Staacks: Edges of Gold by Ronnie Drillsma

Tuesday 3 May – Monday 30 May 2016

“Edges Of Gold” by Ronnie Drillsma

“As I continue to develop my painting style, it becomes clear to me that this journey has no end. The techniques I use continue to baffle, frustrate, delight and inspire…using a roller instead of a paintbrush creates its own dilemma!

I create an under painting initially, and then work into what I can see, using torn papers. I create my own patterned papers to use as collage pieces, spending several days doing this before commencing a painting, so that I have a bank of suitable material with which to work. Written material, wallpapers, envelopes, all find a way into my paintings.

Metallics have entered the fray of late, I was inspired by a recent visit to a Klimt Exhibition of his beautiful, decorative paintings. I have used Gold paint and Gold Leaf in some areas, not as a decoration, but to show that a landscape may reflect erosion through age, wear, and distress, but it can still possess a richness of quality.

My paintings do not have people in them, when I visit a lovely place, I always want to be the only person there, if only for a little while.”

Staacks, 83 Banks Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0RA. Tel: 0151 625 0229,