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Samuel Fahy Exhibition at Domino: W427 / A Series of Abandoned Projects

Exhibition runs until 4 October 2015 at Domino Gallery

W427 / A Series of Abandoned Projects
Photography and Film by Samuel Fahy

We went to the see this exhibition at Domino recently and met the artist. Samuel Fahy told us more about the context and background to his show.

All of the images in the exhibition come from mid to later 2014, a period of working intensely on several “projects” at the same time.

After new year a lot of these projects were pretty much abandoned and the process of putting on the exhibition has been one of reflection – Trying to understand my intentions at the time and perhaps why I gave up on so many things in this period.

Upon reflection I would say the main two themes of the exhibition are loss and control.

“Brothers” was an image taken on set for the filming of a music video for local band Cavalry. What drew me to this image is firstly the relationship between the two brothers, and hopefully the sense of trust that comes across. Secondly a I am interested in the the relationship between performer and director, mainly because I have worked on a lot of personal documentary projects in the past with my family and feel a certain conflict in this relationship.

“Clock work Orange” is taken from a series of images shot at 24 Kitchen St club. I took a long series of photographs there over several months, experimenting with ways to get candid images of people there. Two techniques that I used were using a cheap small camera so I didn’t look like a photographer and secondly handing over the camera to other people.

“Dooley Cross” is taken whilst working at Princess Park Methodist church working with a multi faith after school club. Whilst not working with the charity I began to be more and more attracted to religious symbolism of the church and have future plan to continue exploring this in the L8 area.

“The Castle” was taken from another series looking at iconic buildings in Liverpool that have become derelict or disused. “the river” and “through the trees” are from personal projects.

The film that was screened, ‘How to Fall’,  is also quite important because it marks the end of the long period after new year of being unproductive. It was made whilst on a group residency in the Netherlands. The residency was focused on physical performance. This gave me the opportunity to work through a lot of anxiety I have about my relationship to my body and also the idea of making personal work.

Samuel Fahy’s Website
and a sound project he is currently working on. Soundcloud

The exhibition at Domino Gallery continues until 4 October. Image c.
The exhibition at Domino Gallery continues until 4 October 2015. Image c.