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Galley: ‘Garageland’ Group Exhibition

Launch Evening: Friday 6 November 2015, 18.00 20.00
Then view by appointment until Thursday 12 November 2015.

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Garageland is a group show and the first one organised by The Intensives Gallery which is being hosted at Galley space, behind the Dispensary on Renshaw St.

The Intensives was a gallery imagined in a dream and so in true Andre Breton style, here it is…

Garageland – some of the artists might work in garages and sheds even.

Artists include: Mike Badger, Andrew Berry, Rachael Davey, Mick Gill, Neil Morris, Tomo, Chiz Turnross, Colette Whittington.

The show is a mixture of sculpture, found objects, the painterly and graphic. You might find edgy and personal psychedelic narratives. Out of Liverpool through the Art school & the music scene. A bit of an Outsider feel with an emphasis on the raw and direct, the comic and absurd.

” I just wanna be in the garage all night ” sang Joe Strummer in Garageland and this show celebrates that underground / DIY way of being.
The Intensives Oct 2015