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Cornerstone: ‘Tinderbox’ Exhibition of Collages by John Bunker

Monday 28 September to Monday 2 November 2015

Tinderbox, an exhibition of collages by artist John Bunker.

Bunker infuses the remnants of our urban hinterlands with the visual charge unique to modernist art. He forces the history of abstraction into new and dynamic relationships with life lived. The results are absurd yet poised, brutal yet strangely elegant.

John Bunker is a fiercely independent artist. Without gallery support Bunker’s collages have entered private collections alongside work by artists including Gillian Ayres, Georges Braque, Alan Davie, Robyn Denny, John McLean & John Hoyland.

John Bunker’s previous work includes As Wide As A Door Is Open: Material Images, Six Fugues: New Collages, and Snake Charmers and Rope Burns.