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A Small View: Symbiosis: Kit Brown Solo Show

Friday 9 – Saturday 31 October 2015
Open Event Thursday 8 October 15.00 – 17.00

A Kit Brown Solo Show
Filling space with (time-based) ‘content’. Rhythm.

It is almost-nothing but becomes ‘everything’ that matters. It is stretched and copied and repeated and isolated. It is forced to move. Or, its movements are captured, however slight. Its composition is exposed. Rhythm, as a cognition of difference. Movement as a catalyst to explore visual and physical properties of sound. ‘Images’ that are ‘Objects’ that attempt to(de-)construct both. ‘Scrambling’ components of ‘experience’, searching for potential.

Symbiosis is a collection of four recent audio-visual works that demonstrate a practise focused on presenting interconnectivity, through examinations of things between things. Noise, error and amalgamations of disparate or seemingly opposite ideas. The pieces demonstrate a sceptical and reductionist position towards working, seeking to provide a critique of creativity, particularly the act of decision making.

Coming from a place of uncertainty in regards to the ability to determine value, the works attempt to act as tentative experiments in this area. Although intended to operate singularly, their placement within the installation aims to further degrade their original intent, in favour of an ambiguity created through their integrated ‘whole’.

This striving towards abstraction is present also within the motivations of the individual pieces. It entails to function as both a conceptual thought exercise (that speculates the ‘possibility’ of finding meaning within randomness through montage) and as a method of generating ‘neutralised’ (or ‘generalised’) aesthetic ‘content’.

All works were made using a combination of chance methods, rigid self-inflicted rules, and personal (tryingly ‘primitive’ and obsessive) consideration.

A Small View
Open Fridays 13.00 – 17.00 and Saturdays 10.00 – 13.00 (or by appointment)
Gostins Arcade 32-36,
Hanover Street,
L1 4LN