Pollination – Artist: Peter ChanJust

Pollination – Artist: Peter Chan

Just got back from an art crawl across the city centre. Thats another couple of miles done and I need new shoes. Peter Chan’s large canvases (oils or gloss paint) are abstractish mostly with a floral/blossom theme. They’re at 7 different venues and I set myself the challenge of getting round them all in a morning.

I started at the SAS Radisson Hotel at the far end of Hall st. There’s an interesting little courtyard there with round glass etched pictures in the walls and floor which is worth looking at (see pic). Chan’s pictures are in the foyer which is also an interesting space, there about 6 pictures here. Next was Bang & Olufsen in Castle St., 2 pictures here, one’s in the demo room. then Vivienne Westwood in Cavern Walks, 2 by the Mathew St entrance and one high up at the other end. Wade Smith in Mathew St. just had the one on the top floor (Mens Boardroom) – this has fish (Koi I think) rather than flowers. Next its up to Bold St, Waterstones Costa Coffee have a couple (one black & white) and a couple more in Giancarlo Ricci. Finally the Tea Factory has 2 pictures near the Fleet St entrance which look quite similar to ones that I saw at the first place (wonder if thats deliberate?).
That was fun but I felt obliged to buy things everywhere I went! Anyone want to buy these from me? A Vivienne Westwood shirt (£150); Gucci Denim Jeans (£220) and you thought art was expensive!; Versace T shirt (£84); B&O Plasma TV (££££). Only joking of course, there’s no way I’d sell my lovely Westwood shirt darling.