The Liverpool Saga – The Full Poem Online

The Liverpool Saga is now online at the BBC Liverpool website…

An 800 line poem has been written by people from across Merseyside to celebrate Liverpool’s 800th birthday.

BBC listener’s and web users were invited to send in their contributions to The Liverpool Saga.

Mersey poet Roger McGough wrote the opening and closing verses, taking his inspiration from the creation of the original Letters Patent, although he admits that the first line was harder to pen than he had imagined.

Local poets Sylvia Hikens and Dave Ward whittled down over 500 submissions to create the 800 line Liverpool Saga. Apart from Roger McGough’s introductory lines the whole saga has been written by Merseysiders.

It starts
The Liverpool Saga


From the first tentative scratch of the pen
To the keyboard’s final breathless amen,
One poem. A patchwork of laughter and tears.
Eight hundred lines. Eight hundred years.

800 years, oh what stories to be told
By the people young and old –
The bad times, the good times, tears and laughter.
The next 800 memories are left to the young to tell thereafter.

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