Slow Magic Poetry

slow-poem-1 slow-poem-2

At the Private View for the Slow Magic exhibition at the Bluecoat last week, Nathan Jones the Bluecoat’s artist in residence was inviting people to make a poem using words relating to the exhibition. He had pasted the words onto cards, all you had to do was arrange some of them into a poem and in return he gave you a limited edition poetry card of his own to take away.

But these are Magic poetry cards! I managed to put together a rather feeble effort of a poem and got my reward. After getting home I put the card into the freezer (as instructed) and more words became visible.

The front of the card simply said ‘Song’ and inside was ‘You are beautiful, You are sad’

This became ‘Song for the Spurned’ and ‘You are not beautiful, You never were beautiful, You were happy and now you are sad, You are nothing’.  That’s typical Nathan Jones that is. Likes to cheer you up.

A clever idea – Slow Poetry – Slow Magic.


Full details on Nathan’s in residence Blog.