If Only… at the Bluecoat

All photos c. Minako Jackson

‘If Only…’ is the newish Bluecoat monthly ‘melting pot of music, performance, dance, spoken word and the otherwise unclassifiable’. This was the first one I had attended, it was free (but ticketed) and took place in the garden with a barbecue and bar – very nice.

We didn’t stay for the whole show but we saw Noise Club who are always interesting. For this performance they created sounds from their own barbecue (not to be consumed) with amplified chopping noises and cooking utensils being played with a bow.

They were followed by Nathan Jones who read one long poem covering his time as Poet in Residence at the Bluecoat and the birth of his daughter. Typically Nathan, it was moving, funny, serious and well read.

Next If Only… is Thursday 2 September 2010 see the Bluecoat website