AUDIO: Poet in Residence at the Bluecoat

c. Vincent Falsetta

NEW AUDIO – Poet in Residence at the Bluecoat.

Just found time to listen to Nathan Jones latest poem responding to the Slow Magic exhibition. Excellent, have a listen.

To commemorate a very memorable and inspiring exhibition at the Bluecoat, ending this weekend. I have written a poem called Slow Magic.   Please download it HERE, and listen to it more intently than anything you have ever listened to before.

The poem is an attempt to reflect, or recreate the emotion of a visit to the gallery during the exhibition, not particularly to provide any critical dialogue or translation of the works themselves.  Something that I found particularly interesting – and this is a result of the generally Abstract nature of the paintings – is the way feelings occur when they have nothing concrete to attach to.  I have tried to reflect this in my poem, thought the use of mainly abstract words.  There are some concrete nouns in here, as there are figurative elements in the exhibition, but I have tried to mistreat or misplace them in a way that correlates to my experience of the paintings.


Hopefully this hasn’t removed the potential for sense, empathy and power from the poem.

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