800 Poems for 800 Years


Here’s a nice little idea for anyone interested in poetry (and Liverpool). Still a long way to go before they reach 800 so please have a go.

Liverpool poem 800
800 poems for 800 years

Can you write a poem celebrating any aspect of Liverpool’s 800 years history? Help us collect together 800 poems by August 28th, the day that celebrates King John’s founding of Liverpool in 1207 and his offer of land for rent at one and sixpence a year!

You’ve got plenty to go at, 800 years is one heck of a time span… so can you write a poem about any aspect of that period; the beginning, medieval times, the mercantile boom, the first big explosion of culture, the slave trade, war, rock and roll, teddy boys, personalities or something bang up to date i.e. 2008?

The list is virtually inexhaustible, we are looking for poems that captures any aspect of our vibrant ‘Pool of Life’.