unnamed-213 November 2014


£12 – booking required

What do Liverpool art students, an Afghanistan war veteran and a retired police officer have in common? The answer is as plain as it is simple: ART.

The Manhattan art scene is notorious for its lavish, opulent art events and Liverpool’s Albert Dock is set to experience a taste of that first hand.  New York City based group Conception Events produce custom art events and festivals throughout the US and they are making Liverpool their first international stop.

Thirty local artists and musicians will take centre stage for a multi-media showcase that celebrates the talents of these individuals as well as building creative relationships with the local arts community. Guests will be able to meet, greet and purchase original works of art and design, whilst being entertained by the best un-signed musical talent in the North West.

Conception produce events that give a platform to emerging artists who are looking for ways to pursue a creative career. The events aim to connect the artists with industry professionals and potential collectors as well as encourage and foster relationships with artistic peers, building a more connected creative community.

Artists have, throughout the ages been notorious for expressing themselves with passion via there work, regardless of background, ethnicity or personal story.  Celebrate those differences and the creativity that unites us in this beautiful city.