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Artistic producer, National Museums Liverpool

Artistic producer, National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool (NML)  

Terracotta Warriors ‘TRUE COLOURS’ Education programme

Artistic producer (AP)

Tenders are sought for an Artistic Producer by noon on 25 September. Please visit for a full project description, a brief and details of how to tender.

The exhibition of Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool will be the first time in more than 30 years that these spectacular treasures will be displayed in a UK museum outside London. It represents an opportunity to create an outstanding educational experience for young people.

An AP is required with experience working in a museum setting and delivering productions for schools. S/he will achieve the project aims including:

  • Inspire children, teachers to visit the World Museum and access the Terracotta Warriors exhibition with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.
  • Give children an authentic understanding of the culture, lifestyle, values and stories of ancient China linked to the national curriculum

The role of the AP is actively to project manage the development and delivery of the Terracotta Warriors ‘TRUE COLOURS’ Education programme, facilitating the creative development process and ensuring a high quality, inspirational and educational experience for primary schools by agreed deadlines and within budget.

Central to the programme is:

An animated story delivered by two actors, with music, soundscape, and backdrop/spectacle (for KS1 & 2); CPD training for teachers; pre & post visit resources for teachers,  regular programme evaluation. NML staff will develop an early years programme and a KS2 archaeology workshop. The AP needs to ensure these are integrated into the True Colours programme.

The AP will provide in consultation with NML and manage a team of contractors (Story builder, Writer, Director,  Designer, Composer, Primary school teacher) to deliver the True Colours programme within a £37,000 budget.

The project starts in October 2017 and ends on 30 October 2018. Development will be completed by 31 January 2018, after which the contractor will manage evaluation during the programme delivery, and organise CPD workshops.