Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Dead Pigeon Gallery Legacy Mentoring & Consultation

Mentoring and Consultation

A sounding board, for artists, for organisations, looking to create.

During our Dead Pigeon Gallery journey from 2017 to 2024 we spent a lot of time, listening, generating ideas, co-creating in communities and we realised something. Most people just need some encouragement and a sounding board to get an idea off the ground; and we loved that role. We worked with individual artists, groups, community leaders, councils, housing associations, landscape architects, urban planners, football fans to name a few and the crossovers and multi layered, rich, eclectic diverse conversations that naturally occur encourage exciting ideas. These ideas and thoughts lead to collaborations and a broader outlook to where art can go.

Whether you’re an individual, group, co-op, artist, council, institution and want to bounce some ideas around and get another set of eyes and ears on them we will continue to be available for consultation.

As a lasting legacy of Dead Pigeon Gallery founder, Jayne Lawless will continue to be available for consultation to help and share her experiences of running a grass roots artist led gallery plus 20 years experience and knowledge of working on multiple art projects across many different genres and communities around the world. An understanding of authentic community engagement from all levels is a core skill along with encouraging people’s creativity in an engaging and positive way. Jayne has a background in sculpture, gaining an MFA in 2010 and has made largescale installations, wall sketches, co-created a film, podcast, and most recently a book.


based on Artist Union England pay guidance

Starting from £30 p/h to £174.00 per ½ day

If you would like to arrange to chat please get in touch with Jayne via