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The Snowflake Trail – Open Culture call for artists / creatives

The Snowflake Trail – Open Culture call for artists/creatives

Artist Commissions – The Snowflake Trail 2015, Liverpool
Deadline for submissions – 10.30 Monday 19 October 2015

Open Culture CIC and Liverpool BID Company are seeking proposals from artists and creative organisations to design and decorate 1.5m high fibreglass snowflakes, which will form part of the Snowflake Trail in Liverpool city centre, from 19 November 2015 – 3 January 2016.

About the Snowflake Trail

For Christmas, Jack Frost is transforming Liverpool city centre into a frozen wonderland of festive fun for young and old, when the city centre becomes a giant magical winter wonderland. The public is invited to follow the Snowflake Trail and solve clues with a chance of winning the grand prize. Other aspects of the trail include street based light and sound installations, a giant snowflake, magical window displays and school children’s snowflakes on the Church Street Christmas tree.


The 12 fibreglass snowflakes have been created to offer a blank 3D canvas for artists to showcase their skills to the huge audiences that visit the city centre over the Christmas period. We ask all artists applying for this commission to consider the below when submitting their design:

— There are no specific themes or design criteria for this commission, however we encourage artists to create a design that is vibrant, eye catching, festive and works for a broad range of audiences and ages. We want the on street artwork to capture the public’s curiosity, imagination and help to create a sense of magic as they explore the city centre in the winter months and undertake their Christmas shopping

— Consider how the snowflake can look effective day to night as the snowflakes will be on street 24 hours a day (the sun sets at 4pm from 19 Nov)

— If anything is to be added to the original snowflake fibreglass structure, then artists must ensure the finished artwork will remain intact for the duration of the Snowflake Trail, and is safe for audiences to view, not creating any hazards for the public

— Where possible all commissioned artists will be promoted.

Snowflake Mock Up

Budget, Production & Decoration

Artists chosen to deliver the commissions will be paid a one off fee of £800.00 (exc VAT) per snowflake. This fee must cover the artists fee, their time to decorate the snowflake, all decoration materials and varnish:

— Artists will not be responsible for installing / removing the snowflakes on street. But we would like artists to be available for any touch up work that might be needed during the event period. If artists aren’t available we will carry out the work to the best of our ability

— The snowflakes have been manufactured using Class I fire retardant fibreglass and are finished with a primer by the manufacturer, ready to be decorated

— The use of acrylic paints is recommended to decorate the snowflake, however vinyl suitable for exterior use, artificial resin paint or two-component paint can also be used to apply the design

— To complete your snowflake, it must be finished with either a two pack acrylic varnish or a clear lacquer aerosol to a minimum of two coats to create a waterproof sealed finish

— Each snowflake is 1500mm high, 1360mm wide and weighs approx 25kg without the concrete plinth

— Liverpool BID Company and CBRE are providing a free space in St Paul’s Square, off Old Hall Street to decorate the snowflakes. Unfortunately you cannot use your own studio.

Deadline for submissions – 10.30 Monday 19 October 2015

Full details and application forms on the Open Culture Website