On my way to the

On my way to the Williamson Tunnels (more later) this morning I took in the Peter Corbett Retrospective 1987-2002 at The University Senate House in Oxford St. More info & a couple of pics here
I do like these pictures as individual items but seeing a whole room full of them I felt a bit like he’d got the one good idea then did it to death over a 15 year period. Only the shape of the frames (there’s a couple of big round ones) breaking the monotony. That’s my only criticism and anyway they must be good most of them are priced around £6,000 if you’re interested.
Oh, the other thing is that this being the Admin building for the Uni, you have to push your way past queues of students waiting to explain why they can’t pay their tuition/halls fees just yet. Just push them out the way, they’re used to it, I worked at the University for many years so I know.