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Freelance Artist Pool, Europia

Deadline: Friday 8 January 2016.

Europia is a friendly, passionate group of people. We are working tirelessly in a creative and innovative manner to reach Eastern and Central European migrants in Greater Manchester. Our aim is to come up with relevant and essential projects for the needs of the local community.

Europia would like to establish a group of artists to work with for creative cultural events. This Artist Pool includes freelance practitioners with a wide range of artistic practices, skills and experiences, who will deliver creative activities or events as part of our engagement work. Europia is also looking for freelance artists who may exhibit their work at our premises for the Europia community to see.

Artists and creative practitioners interested in joining the Artist Pool should read and complete the attached Application Pack by 8th January 2016. Please note that this is an application to join the Artist Pool, which does not guarantee paid employment. The artists within the Freelance Artist Pool will be required and employed as and when workshops and projects are available. Artists will be selected for projects and events that make the best use of their skills and interests.

Shortlisted artists will be invited to meet the Executive Director for an informal interview, in which both parties will have the opportunity to explore the suitability of the Artist Pool and the artists own practice. Once recruited into the Freelance Artists Pool, Europia will use the information provided through the completed Artist Profile included in this pack to promote the Artist for events held by Europia.

All Freelance Artists in the Artist Pool will be asked to complete an informal agreement, outlining Europia’s expectations and policies, before undertaking paid freelance work. Rates of pay are project and funding dependant, and on some occasions may use a flat-rate for the duration of a project. Pay rates are calculated on a basis of £20 per hour for the delivery of an activity or workshop. Travel and food expenses are also dependant on the project and available funding.

Please complete the Europia Freelance Artist Pool application pack and send it to the contact details below.

Should you have any questions please do feel free to contact us using the details below:
Kush Chottera
Executive Director
Please include within email enquiries.
0161 833 8823
Charity No 1161453

For full details and application pack, visit the website.