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‘incompatible’ Exhibition by Hope University Creative Practice Masters Students

incompatible, Art Exhibition at the Cornerstone studios, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus.
Ends on Wednesday 23 September 2015  (10.00 – 16.00)

Many thanks to the artists who showed us round and told us more about the works.

incompatible presents the work of a group of six artists who have all undertaken a Masters by Creative Practice at Liverpool Hope University.

Stevie Baines is an abstract painter. Colour and form dominate her landscapes with the seasons, her memory, experiences and emotions expressed in the work.

Gabrielle Caul’s paintings are inspired and informed by the regeneration of the urban environment. The artworks are an abstract expression responding to areas such as Salford Quays and Liverpool docklands. The hard geometric patterns show the dynamics and rhythm of the industrial landscape.

Maurice Challenor’s paintings depict the fear of the dark forest or wild woods. He is fascinated by the idea that the forest is the hiding place of faerie and witches. There is a sense of mythicalness and magic in the atmospheric paintings.

Jonny Seven is a new media artist who explores remix culture and censorship. His work here focuses mainly on the moral panic of  ‘Video Nasties’ and includes ‘Nasty’ which overlays 72 so-called video nasties, you can see this on his website

Andrew Taylor is a new media performance artist who explores the collaborations and tensions between text and new media. He edits the code behind the digital images to create ‘broken’ versions. He has produced a series of zines which visitors can take away with them.

Kathryn Wainwright produced work resulting from interviews and donated items from 6 participants. The text of the interview is displayed in a jar alongside ornaments, photographs and other items. Overall the works seem to be quite an intimate portrayal of the people but the artist is also interested in how space affects an object and vice versa.

This vibrant group show embraces the incompatible distinct artistic approaches and practices of the artists who seemed compatible at the personal level. We are looking forward to seeing their progression after the completion of the course.