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THE SPACE: Commissioning Round now open

Deadline: Tuesday 15 December 2015

THE SPACE are seeking exciting + innovative work from organisations and artists across the UK arts + creative industries, aligned with a commitment to high quality and the desire to extend the arts experience to wider audiences, harnessing the potential of digital media + technology. Any UK based arts, cultural or creative organisation is invited to apply.

You can apply as an individual artist, providing you are UK-based and aged over 18, but we would encourage you to apply in partnership with an arts, cultural or creative organisation.

From 2 November until 15 December, you can apply to have your work commissioned by The Space. This includes potential distribution through our core distribution relationships with BBC services such as BBC Arts online or partnerships with other digital media platforms where they are most appropriate.

From now until March 2018, we will commission approximately 100 works across 3 strands:

  •  Capture: digitally capturing and distributing live arts event, exhibitions or other experiences to increase audiences for existing artworks and activities
  • Extend: extending and deepening the audience experience of existing artists’ work, arts events, exhibitions or activities through digital media, platforms and technologies
  • Landmark: creating ambitious new works exploring new forms of digital storytelling, interactivity and participation

Applications open 2 November 2015.

Download full details online at:

DEADLINE: 15 December 2015