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Makers, Craftspeople, Artisans: Tutors and Residencies, Wyresdale Park

Makers, Craftspeople, Artisans: Tutors and Residencies, Wyresdale Park

Our ambition at Wyresdale Park is to build an inspiring destination for learning, rural-enterprise and the arts. We are taking inspiration from the heritage of our Victorian estate, which once married rural industry and technological innovation, with an appreciation of the arts and skilled craftsmanship and are striving to find our own approach to good stewardship in the modern age. We wish to promote and support: responsible land management, conscious consumerism and socially driven arts practice.



To open up the discourse to the wider public, to test demand and trial new models we will be programming a series of events and courses for the summer of 2018. We are looking for local and national: makers, artisanal producers, chefs and horticulturists to get involved. This could be running demonstrations, selling, teaching or a combination of all three.

If you are doing something interesting and you would like to share your skills and knowledge and enthuse people on the importance of sustainable, local production or the conservation of heritage skills please get in touch. You may be keeping traditional land-based skills alive; combining heritage skills with new technologies to innovate for the future; or you may be at the very cutting edge, trialling new technologies to find creative future uses for our land, whilst conserving and restoring our diverse habitats.

If you would like to get involved, whether you have distinct ideas or nothing particular in mind, we would love to hear from you! All contributors will be paid a fee.

Please email with a short statement outlining the nature of your practice and a link to either your website or portfolio.


A former farm and Victorian estate, nestled between woodland, fells and lakes, with a cafe, artist studios and glamping all happily intermingling. Wyresdale Park is in the heart of Bowland Forest, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and just 9 miles from the historic city of Lancaster.