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Family Friendly Exhibit Designer, Dogs Trust

Family Friendly Exhibit Designer, Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. We find new homes for over 15000 unwanted dogs per year.

The Family Educational Corner will be an opportunity for visitors to our Manchester rehoming centre to engage in a fun manner with our core messaging and advice. The space is approx 5x4m. Exhibits within it will include tactile interactives aimed at supporting inclusive family friendly experiences.

Education is a key part of Dogs Trust’s work as children are the dog owners of the future. In our educational work we seek five goals that we aim for recipients of our activities to reach:

  • understanding that a dog is a lifetime commitment, not a disposable commodity
  • appreciating that dogs are sentient beings with feelings and needs
  • understanding that our own behaviour can have an impact both on dogs we own and overall dog welfare
  • demonstration of the ability to think critically and select information based on welfare, disregarding conflicting information from peers and media
  • understanding of the importance of selecting the right type of dog to suit their home and lifestyle

The exhibit will support these core educational aims within the learning elements of the design as much as possible.

We envisage around four or five interactive exhibits. But we are equally seeking design guidance on this should the appointed designer deliver a more suited plan.

We require an designer to develop a visual exhibition identity for the Family Educational Corner. We additionally require the appointed external designers to subcontract the exhibit builders should they not be constructing the exhibits in house.

Exhibition design and production to be managed by designer £2000
Framing and mounting to be managed by designer £1000
Paint and fixings etc., to be managed by the designer £500

How to apply
Submit an expression of interest to by 31st October 2017

Please include:
• Full contact details
• Relevant examples of your portfolio
• A statement outlining your understanding of the brief, your values and why you wish to work on this project.