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Call Out: An Invitation to Make Something Happen

On –  Tuesday 27 October 2015, 18.00


ATTENTION active artists, studio groups, collectives, underground, overground, independent makers of artistic happenings in Liverpool!

We have a cunning plan that has something to do with getting the doers together, plotting, sharing and forming an alliance, so that we become stronger in partnership, but not structured in a way that stifles our informal, individual approaches. This is just about supporting one another, telling the world about what we’ve got and maybe even making some exciting things happen.

There is fantastic art being made, shown and performed in Liverpool. We just want to tie a big bow around what is already there, give an extra kick to what’s nearly there and then make a song and dance about it all.

Join us to start the discussion

On –  Tuesday 27th October, 6pm
At – The Well Space 2 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, L1 2SX 

Please tell us if you are coming as we want an idea of numbers, or if you are interested but can’t make this meeting, email us anyway. Reply to
From Josie and Colette (but it doesn’t matter who we are)
The Well Space
The Well Space