Oh dear, oh dear. Just

Oh dear, oh dear. Just been watching Rolf on Art. The BBC dumbing down? Never! Thank god for BBC4 though.
Been a strange sort of day, woke up late which is unusual for me but its been a busy week and it took me a while to figure out what day it was. Are we really only one week (i.e. 1/10) into this? Jeez! So, I eventually emerge to find this ‘installation’ entitled ‘hoover and upturned bin’ on my doorstep

and the Phil Hall have replaced the vibrant 08 flag
with this boring Classic FM thing
Whats going on!

Urban Angels at the Quarter

Took my morning coffee at The Quarter Cafe on Falkner St. Its a very nice Bistro and their large coffee really is LARGE but I don’t go there often partly because its so popular, I like somewhere quiet, where I can spread out my newspapers. But Sunday morning is quiet and I had the (non-smoking – hurrah!) area at the back to myself. So picture the scene – Quiet Sunday morning, the Observer mag., Large black coffee in a friendly cafe, both sets of cathedral bells ringing in the background and I’m surrounded by Angels! How cool is that?
These are Dorrie Halliday’s Urban Angels they are digital artworks (mainly photoshop I guess). I like them but some are wielding guns which isn’t very angelic but I read somewhere that Dorrie has actually been visited by angels so she’s knows more about them than me.
There’s also some nice stuff on display by Tony Smith – ‘Ludicrous, Fantasy and Folly’ and David Knopov’s ‘The Way We Look’. All these are for sale by the way.