Not a very good pic

Not a very good pic but this is Denis Buckley dragging a steel suitcase tied to his waist with chains round the city centre a bit like a young Joseph Marley. Not sure whats going on here, perhaps his thoughts are in the suitcase. He’s based in the Sandon Room at the Bluecoat this week where you can communicate with him via intercom. I couldn’t because as you can see he was just on his way out. Link
There’s a veritable plethora of Live Arts events during the Biennial, many based at the Bluecoat. Looking forward to the In The ‘Pool launch on Thursday – this is a mix of dance, music and film.

Tom McIlwaine at Metropolitan Bar

Great excuse for an aperitif, this Art in Bars thing. This used to be the Brewery bar in Berry St. which had the huge shiney (copper?) vats in the window, they’ve gone now sadly but the place needed a makeover. I thought the paintings were acrylics at first but the artist mixes oil and gloss paints which creates an unusual matt/gloss veneer, I like them, they’re all portraits.