Not a good start today. I went to the Kif gallery in Parr St. but it wasn’t open. Maybe I was too early, anyway I’ll call again as ‘Vishnu to Woodstock’ sounds right up my street. So I went onto the LETS Create at the ArtSpeq in Quiggins. What I could see through the windows looked interesting but the doors were locked, probably as it was lunch time so another return journey required.

Donna Berry at the Jewellers

Had more success at Boodle and Dunthorne on the corner of Lord St/Nth John St. I think its just the display in the window on North John St. If there’s more inside let me know, jewellers shops are unknown territory for me and I was intimated by the sight of the huge bouncer just inside the doorway.
Anyway, Donna Berry is famous for her artworks made out of toast! (You can see some on the walls of the Magnet restaurant) and, glad to say, she’s found a use for all the burnt bits. She’s mixed carbon & resin and sculpted it into torso or bust shapes and here they have diamonds draped around them. Its called ‘Carbon Dating’, clever eh?
‘Phoenix VI Trio’ by Donna Berry

Ten by Ten at Eggspace

Late lunch at the excellent Veggie/Vegan ‘Egg’ bistro in Newington. There’s always weird (and I mean that in a nice way, weird is good) stuff on the walls here and they call it Eggspace. Not sure whats going on here and there’s not much info to hand but its lots of small square pictures. I reckon they’re all 10cm squares (10×10) and approx 100 artists have submitted 10 squares – thats 10×100=1000 which looks about right. Then they’re all stuck on the walls in big rectangles so there’s roughly 5 rectangles of 10×20 which from a distance look like chaotic murals. (note to self – should have taken a photo you idiot)
Anyway there’s every kind of picture, lots of photos mostly local scenes, crayoning, drawings, cartoons, watercolours, badges, road signs! and, sad old git that I am, I recognised the pictures of the naked Gaynor Sweeney – great stuff.