You’ll be drawn to this art! St Helens World of Glass

If you’re tired of computers taking over everything, and if some modern art leaves you feeling lost, the latest exhibition at The World of Glass could just cheer you up.
Titled ‘Hand Drawn’, the exhibition aims to prove that traditional drawing and skilled draughtsmanship still have their place in an age of computer graphics and animation.
“This is high quality traditional drawing,” says St Helens artist Paul Cousins, “and something the general public can understand.”
The exhibition showcases the best of British fine art from members of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. It is probably the first time such a prestigious national art society has exhibited in St Helens and offers local people the opportunity to see the work of top artists from all over the country.
As well as etchings, woodcuts, lino prints, watercolours and acrylic art, the exhibition also features a cabinet containing sketchbooks.
“These give a real insight into how an artist thinks out loud on paper,” explains Paul Cousins, who drew together and presented the exhibition.
Along with Ulrich West of Ashton in Makerfield, Paul is one of only a handful of northern exhibitors. The London-based Society of Graphic Fine Art was established in 1919 to champion good traditional draughtsmanship at a time when art was becoming increasingly abstract.
Dr Jo Hall, the Society President, said “I am enormously grateful to Ron Helsby and his creative team for bringing the show to fruition and providing a stunning setting for the artists’ work”.
Hand Drawn runs In Gallery One until May 18 while visitors to The World of Glass currently have the chance to enjoy two further exhibitions. The ground floor houses a display by clients of the Transitional Rehabilitation Units (TRU) featuring some striking work by artists with acquired brain injuries, while on the mezzanine level The Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery is presenting the first St. Helens Youth Open Art Exhibition.


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