Yellow House – Holocaust Memorial Events 08


Yellow House
Holocaust Memorial Day

Kensington based Yellow House have been working with young people throughout Europe for nearly 20 years, working with groups from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Finland.

Yellow House Founder George McKane and his Polish wife Gosia have created a mini United Nations at their Cultural Centre in Kensington, Liverpool with young people from Turkey, Spain. Sweden, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Poland, Latvia and Germany living at their House in The (He) Art of Kensington over the past 2 years mixing and sharing cultural similarities and differences with local young people on a daily basis.

In October 2007 Yellow House linked up with a group of young people from Krakow, Poland and visited the death camp at Auschwitz together. The experience was harrowing, humbling and hopefully lifelong. As part of that trip, the young people had the privilege to meet Josef Roslowski, a 14-year-old freedom fighter in The Warsaw Uprising, and survivor of Auschwitz and Mathausen.

As part of the Yellow House programme for Holocaust Memorial Day Josef will visit Liverpool to talk about his experiences in the death camps as a young boy. He will be at The Picton Room Central Library at 2.00pm on 26th January 2008


Photographs and poetry by the young people from Liverpool and Krakow recalling their memories of the trip to Auschwitz will be on display at Liverpool Town Hall from 21st January and will be on banners on the outside of St. Luke’s Church from 25th January 2008

51 young people from Israel, Poland and Georgia have been invited by yellow House to Liverpool from 21st January and will collaborate with local young people for a performance at The Picton Room Central Library on Friday 25th January at 2.00pm.

George Mc Kane, Yellow House – “ This is such a tremendous experience not only for the young people to visit Liverpool but also for our young people and for Liverpool. It is also a true honour to be able to welcome Josef, a truly inspirational human being and a great speaker, full of humour and bravery. Yellow House are proud and privileged to be part of Holocaust Memorial Day and this work confirms our continuing work in Europe, our commitment to making Liverpool a true European Cultural Centre and our belief in creating new work that has an importance in this world and is art that has strong content, meaning and enables young people the opportunity to show their skills, their work and their feelings. Yellow House is at the centre of truly innovative work with young people and has been for more than 25 years”.