Yankel Feather Dies aged 88

yankel-featherTo be honest, I wasn’t a fan of his paintings but he was quite a character. He had a show at Liverpool Academy of Arts last year.

From the Daily Post

ONE of the most colourful characters of Liverpool’s 1960s arts scene has died.

Yankel Feather was 88 and had been suffering from cancer for some time.

Tributes were paid last night to the artist who was described as “one of the characters of Liverpool”.

Nephew Paul Feather, who owns the Feathers Hotel Group, said: “He was a very strong character – openly gay in the days when society was draconian about it – and always wanted to be an artist.


“He had such a varied life and was very fortunate to have the talent that was able to feed him for all these years. People paid thousands for his work.

“His paintings have gone all over the world but Liverpool was very influential in his work.”

In the early 1960s he opened a coffee bar and club called The Basement, decorated with ship’s beams, iron gates, Elizabethan chairs and African images, in Mount Pleasant which became popular with those in the arts and beat scene including John Lennon, who scratched one of Mr Feather’s paintings after being asked to stop bashing out Roll Over Beethoven on the club’s piano.