World Museum Liverpool – Plantastic!

13 February – 5 September 2010

This fun interactive science exhibition reveals the wonderful world of plants and shows how they interact with people, animals, insects and each other. The exhibition explains how we use plants in our daily lives often without realising it, and how they are essential for the world’s survival. Free entry

Enter a magical realm with giant leafy canopies, massive seed pods, huge root systems and strange man-made trees. Forty fascinating interactive exhibits and games, help to uncover the secrets of this amazing world.

There are areas where you can relax and be inspired by nature or find out more about topical issues and their effects on plants such as biodiversity and climate change.

Highlights from each themed area:

* Moving features super seeds, edible fruit and exploding seeds. You can blow on a huge dandelion and watch the seeds fly away.

* Feeding has a scary giant Venus flytrap that lives off insects that land in its jaws. You can crawl through a tunnel underneath a tree and meet underground creatures.

* Reproduction looks at pollinators such as bees and how pollen can be carried on the wind. You can get an insect’s eye view of flowers and see pollen grains on a massive scale.

* Surviving shows how plants have evolved and adapted. You can play ‘Don’t Touch’, a game that asks you to choose the right defences against different predators.

* Providing focuses on how people use plants to eat and survive. There’s an exciting quiz based on a food store and trees become instruments in an enchanted musical forest.


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‘Plantastic!’ is a co-production between Bruns (Netherlands), Le Vaisseau (France), Museon (Netherlands), National Museums Liverpool (UK) and Technopolis® the Flemish Science Center (Belgium).

‘Plantastic!’ is supported by URENCO the independent international energy and technology group and National Museums Liverpool Corporate Members Scheme.

Supported by: Urenco

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity

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