World Museum Liverpool – Isle of My India

pax-isle-of-my-indiaIsle of My India
7 February – 7 March 2011

In 2010 five British artists undertook an exchange programme (the EGG project), collaborating with and responding to rural artists in West Bengal, India. This exhibition highlights the work that came out of that exchange programme and the work of the patachitra or story-scroll artists from West Bengal.

Artists from Planet Art Exchange: Becs Andrews, Ruth Dillon, Hambi Haralambous, Tony Knox, Dave Sponde, Jonathon Tooze.

Patachitra Artists: Anwar Chitrakar, Baku Chitrakar, Bahadur Chitrakar, Karuna Chitrakar, Manu Chitrakar, Jaba Chitrakar, Yakub Chitrakar, Suman Chitrakar.

Exhibition takes place at The Community Base, 4th Floor, World Museum Liverpool

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