Wirral Festival of Firsts: Full Programme Announced

5 -13 July 2014

This is truly the international community arts festival with a difference!

You just have to cast your eye over this year’s full programme of events to be amazed and delighted at what’s in store for the people of Wirral and visitors from all over the UK. With lots of big names and free events, there is something for everyone:

  • A week of innovative theatre at Melrose Hall Hoylake from 5 – 12 July, including two evenings when you the audience are invited to participate in discussions about the show and cast your vote in the finals of the Radio Script Competition.
  • A grand Poetry Day Out at Floral Pavilion New Brighton on Sunday 6 July from 12.oo, with a hundred friendly opportunities for poets to read or perform their poems, and some wild doings as Literally .. A Bookshop’s Wild Words Street Safari emerges from the urban jungle with a feast of fanciful words.
  • Art popping up all over the place from 5 – 20 July with Gallery Hoylake along Hoylake’s Market Street,  Harry Hill’s folksy bright paintings on show at Holiday Inn Hoylake and Mike McCartney’s photos. There is also a special day of Art on the Promenade in Hoylake on Sunday 13 July where you see the most amazing art and craft, and also have a chance try for yourself at many workshops and demonstrations  including a session with Graffiti Dave.
  • Music Music Music! Saturday 12 July is music day  in Hoylake. Don’t miss the first ever Buskulele at 17.30 at the Rows In Hoylake, as well as lots of other music in cafes and bars, open stages at Chantilly Tearooms and Flavours Café, and of course all the fun of the “Big Welcome Parade”.  There is wonderful music all the way through the Festival including the Wirral Co-operative Orchestra in West Kirby on Saturday 5 July and a Young Musician’s Concert in Hoylake the same day.
  • Films for the whole family at Hoylake Community Centre on Sunday 6 July, and films for Willy Russell devotees along with a grand tea at Holiday Inn on 9 July..
  • Talks close to home with Mike McCartney and Willy Russell both giving us some glimpses of how their careers and lives evolved. These two events are at Holiday Inn on 8 and 9 July. There is also a whole  afternoon of The Wro Talks featuring Frankie Connor, Spencer Leigh, Tim Quinn and David Charters (the festival’s favourite bard of Birkenhead).
  • Some insight into ways with words with a day of workshops on Saturday 5 July featuring Fiona Campbell, world famous English language guru, David Crystal and Susanne Christian, as well as opportunities to “meet an author at Hoylake Library”.
  • There is the chance to spend an evening listening to a world renowned classical guitarist described as “one of the most exciting artists of his generation”. Craig Ogden well known on Classic FM comes to Hoylake to perform a recital on Wednesday 9 July.
  • If words are your thing, then don’t miss the poet who can “bring a smile to a banana”. Yes it’s Ian McMillan, the Bard of Barnsley and he is entertaining us on Thursday 10 July.
  • World premiere of the Wirral Mass on Friday 11 July and attend the summer concert of the platinum award winning Wirral Symphonic Wind Band on Saturday 12 July to round off your week.


Tickets for these and many other events are available from Tickets Wirral or from a number of local shops including Hoylake’s HELP Shop, Urbane, Acorn Picture Framing and Holiday Inn, Express ; West Kirby’s Staacks; and New Brighton’s Literally … A Bookshop. Check the website www.festivaloffirsts.com for details.

 www.festivaloffirsts.com / Hoylake – Meols – New Brighton  – West Kirby 


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