Winter Lights 2007 – ‘Jackpot’ Launch


Liverpool Jackpot Launch

Switch on: Thursday 8th November 2007, 6pm

Metal, Kensington
Metal, 6 Clare Terrace, Marmaduke St, L7

Garston Cultural Village
Uncle J s, Saint Mary’s Rd, L19

Rotunda, Kirkdale
Rotunda College, Great Mersey St, L5

Following the success of Animal, the Winter Lights project for 2006, internationally renowned French artist Franck Scurti was commissioned to propose a second series of amazing new Winter Lights and has created a Liverpool Jackpot for Kirkdale, Kensington and Garston.

There is a unique Jackpot to be seen in each neighbourhood and each sequence contains an image of food, a body part and a phrase, taken from British press in consultation with local residents.

Last year’s Winter Lights, Animal, will also be returning to light up neighbourhoods across Liverpool.

Look at a simulation of all three Liverpool Jackpots here

For more details and access information contact

Locate the three sites on Google Maps: here for Garston, here for Kirkdale and here for Kensington.

Liverpool Jackpot is a Liverpool Biennial Learning and Inclusion project funded by Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 and developed in collaboration with Rotunda College, Garston Cultural Village and Metal.


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