Which people do you want to include in the Liverpool Map art work?

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The list of visual artists is a bit short!

You still have time to help design the iconic Liverpool Map art work. Laura Davis explains how

EVERYONE likes to think they will have something to leave behind when they shuffle off this mortal coil for whatever afterlife they believe in.

It might be a sum of money willed to a charity or a novel that will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

Or it may be something as simple as the happy memories of their loved ones.

Few people are in a position to leave their legacy in the form of a piece of art, however, especially not one that aims to sum up an entire city and its people at a particular moment in time.

Yet everyone in Liverpool is being given the chance to do just that.

Opinions have already been collected on which places should be included in the Liverpool Map – a sculpture that will stand in the new waterfront museum when it opens in 2010.

But now it’s up to Daily Post readers to decide which people will feature in the final section of the art work, which is made up 17 layers of fused glass. You can take part in the survey and have your say by clicking here.


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