Where Will be next British City of Culture?

Bidding process opens for next British City of Culture | Art and design | The Guardian.

‘Candidates do not need to be big cities’ – Come on Birkenhead – make a bid!

Local authorities and arts and cultural bodies were today set a tight deadline to get their names into the hat by the culture secretary, Ben Bradshaw. Outline applications must be in by October and more detailed bids by December, for a shortlist to be announced early next year, and the first winner a few months later.


  1. There are a few things brewing at the moment in Wirral and Birkenhead with John Gorman’s push to make Wirral Museum (formerly the town Hall in Hamilton Square), an artistic mecca so from a grassroots level there are things happening but the fact our council decided in all their wisdom to close many of our libaries, arts centres etc late last year, it is not being lead from “above” so the dream for Birkenhead to become “City of Culture” is not very likely in the near future.

  2. Yes, hence my sarcastic comment. Sorry but I was having a dig at our neighbours. Sadly Wirral has been very poorly served culturally for as long as I can remember. The peninsula has some very poor areas but also very wealthy areas. And guess which are the most tight-fisted when asked to spend ‘taxpayers money’ on anything artistic.


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