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The Arts and Craft fair will be at the Bluecoat again this evening (Thursday) and the shops will be open late too.

‘IT’S behind Primark!’’ shouted a woman to her friend down the phone, beckoning her to look past the chain stores and join her in that little oasis which is the Bluecoat.

As the world and her husband geared up for a frantic day on Church Street two mature woman sat back content to give voice to local artists.

One is the now-retired former boss of Liverpool’s Empire Theatre, the other a teacher of special needs children in Chester who hit it off at an arts group in the city centre and decided to form LOACAART – which stands for Ladies Of A Certain Age Art.

Angela Hinchcliffe, 58, explains: “In an era of mass marketing it is an opportunity for artists to show their wares in lovely, appropriate surroundings. It’s about giving a chance to new emerging talent.’’

It’s also a chance for the women to prove that age is no barrier to starting a new business.

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