Visit Greenland Street Before Their Winter Break

Visit us while you can…

Greenland Street’s sensational autumn programme continues to entertain visitors of all ages, providing a unique and challenging visual and sometimes physical experience! The contemporary art space hosts the European première of Catherine Sullivan’s ‘Triangle Of Need’, where audiences are invited to watch stories unfold in the space and serenity of The Blade Factory. Mustafa Hulusi’s magnificent paintings of nature create a powerful contrast enticing visitors to wander through a heavenly garden, while Brian Griffiths has transformed The Furnace into a playful world of sculpture using all manner of junk materials found locally. Perhaps one of
the most visited pieces is the SIMPARCH commission, not only is the crafted structure beautiful to look at but it’s being enjoyed by hundreds of local skate-boarders. The magnificent free basin and full pipe that dwarfs The Coach Shed is free to use.

Greenland Street closes on 4 December for the winter but the venue reopens with this inspiring programme on 6 February and continues to be free admission.

Catherine Sullivan’s ‘Triangle Of Need’ is a multi-channel video installation, an orchestration of a complex set of ideas and participants, weaving an intricate story about evolution, class, wealth and poverty, and the inequalities and injustices in our global economy. Sullivan has
collaborated with Los Angeles based composer Sean Griffin, Minneapolis based choreographer Dylan Skybrook, and Nigerian actor and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, in the creation of this commission. It is a pleasure for Greenland Street to host ‘Triangle of Need’ for its European premiere before it commences on a tour of Europe and the United States.

Mustafa Hulusi’s practice sees him construct photographic images taken from nature, which are transformed into hyper-real illustrations that have a distinctive otherworldly and sensuous style. Cennet Bahcesi (‘The Heavenly Garden’ in Turkish) showcases five new works, commissioned by A Foundation, alongside works from Hulusi’s Elysian series of photo realist paintings of
flowers and fruit.

The Furnace, one of the largest exhibition spaces outside London, is a unique and challenging site for Brian Griffiths’ latest work. Griffiths draws upon the devices and showmanship of sideshows and circuses, creating new sculptural works and selectively reworking the tradition of freak show banners. These banners act as backdrops that divide space and shift viewing
perspectives, but are also used to question the role of spectacle and authenticity.

SIMPARCH’s practice operates between the borders of architecture, design and
popular cultures and often results in the creation of large-scale works that take into account the specificities and histories of a given site. For A Foundation SIMPARCH have produced the Free Basin, a large elevated kidney shaped crafted structure which sits alongside a 40ft full pipe, constructed using a complex layering of multiple wooden spines and ribs, similar to a
hull in dry dock. A unique piece of art, both accessible and functional, that is currently being enjoyed by many youngsters.

*Greenland Street will be closed from Tuesday 4 December 2007 until Wednesday 6 February 2008.


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