Video Projection on Wood Street

wood-st-projection-1.jpg wood-st-projection-2.jpg

Just got back from Wood Street having watched this event. It was just a few minutes worth of video on a loop from about 22.30 and finishing about midnight.
It was created by Liverpool John Moores Art students in collaboration with Shilpa Gupta who has a work in FACT at present.
It was projected from a window in the Biennial offices above the RENEW rooms onto the back of the building opposite.
Really good and cleverly done as it was carefully designed to fit in with the building’s features with different people appearing in the windows. It looked like rats or cockroaches were coming out of the drainpipes and someone was hanging from one of the window-sills.

I think the only audience apart from ourselves were the students who made the film and some of their friends. A few passers-by had a quick glance up to see what we were looking at.