VIDEO: In Conversation: Artur Zmijewski and Sebastian Cichocki

A Foundation would like to thank all who came to our event, In Conversation: Artur Zmijewski and Sebastian Cichocki on Wednesday 18 November 2009 at CUC.
The talk was an excellent opportunity to hear Zmijewski discuss his work and motivations, and we would also like to offer special thanks to those who made the event successful by raising excellent issues and questions for Zmijewski and Sebastian Cichocki to discuss.

For those who couldn’t make it, or would simply like to see the talk again, the event is now available to watch online.

Meanwhile the first major UK survey of Zmijewski’s work is ongoing at Cornerhouse, Manchester until January 10th 2010, and we look forward to the completion of Artur Zmijewski’s first UK work, which has been commissioned by A Foundation.


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