Under the Bridge – Dorota Buczkowska Fountain, Garston

D_Buczkowska_Circulation_2004-100Under the Bridge – Dorota Buczkowska Fountain
21 August – 18 September 2009
The artist, Dorota Buczkowska is interested in the circulation as a system of mutual relations inside the human body and also its relations with its immediate surroundings. In her works, the artist highlights similarities between the human body and city infrastructure.  The sculpture is located at Gable end wall of the main Hospital building overlooking Woolton Road, Garston.

In Buczkowska’s graphic arts, drawings and installations, arteries are transformed into water supply pipelines, while organs are transformed into washbasins, sinks, toilet seats and taps. Roads and streets are transformed as veins. Organic and mechanical circulation’s occur simultaneously. What is alive is transformed into artificial, what is artificial changes into living objects. The urban infrastructure and the internet entwines the earth creating an artificial blood circulation system for people and information. Man has created this world in his own image and likeness. May we claim that the infrastructure is subordinated to man? Or is man subordinated to the infrastructure, falling victim to his own invention?

‘Fountain’ in Garston will be an extension of daily circulation, the daily flow of machines, people and energy in symbolic terms might be read as a continuation of living existence in place which is being prepared now for demolition but is also being prepared for a new beginning. The installation will show the invisible and forgotten space of the previous hospital. Water may be associated with purification, with time passing; it is reminiscent of a river which used to flow nearby.

The sculpture is located at Gable end wall of the main Hospital building overlooking Woolton Road, Garston.

Project ‘Under the bridge’ originally developed as part of ‘For The Likes Of Us…’ an exchange programme between the Liverpool Biennial Big Table partners and ‘corresponding’ organizations across Europe, contributing towards the objectives of the ‘Cities on the Edge’ network.

‘Under the bridge’ is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland.

Under the bridge is within the framework of POLSKA YEAR! in the UK

Dorota Buczkowska_’Circulation’, 2004


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