teresa-margolles-150.jpgWhere’s the outcry? The Brouhaha? The narrow-minded, whinging fundamentalists? The heated debates and letters to the Echo? Don’t you know there’s a contemporary art show happening?

Remember 2004 and all those banners by Yoko Ono showing naked naughty bits? Ah, that was fun. This time all we have is some slightly witty but otherwise very bland branding.
The only disturbance is a bit of a tiff amongst some of the local artists and some verbal exchanges on the Independents forum. Tame stuff.

Of course, the media could make a controversy out of anything if they chose to and they often do but they’re a bit lazy. So, I’ve been doing my best to try and find something for the moaners to get their knives into.

Lets have a go at Teresa Margolles. Pictured here is her public-realm work in the tunnel that runs between Duke St and Wolstenholme Sq. You could easily miss it but the floor is made from glass which has come from cars that have crashed during violent crimes. Shocking! The same artist has a piece in the Tate which includes water that has been used to wash dead bodies. Horror!
That’s the best I can do, sorry.