Treasure Hunt Venues and Clues – Liverpool Biennial


During the Liverpool Biennial
Up to 28/11/2010
By Rowan Seddon-Harvey
Better than FREE, We Pay You!

Found a Pound is a fun treasure hunt to find nearly £1000 in pound coins hidden in art galleries and public spaces during the 2010 Liverpool Biennial.

Artist and Found a Pound creator Rowan Seddon-Harvey says “The event aims to encourage giving and we start by giving to YOU, £1 coins, all you have to do is find them.

Here are some clues to help you:”
The Walker Clue “As you walk in The Walker”

Biennial Visitors Centre Renshaw Street, Clue “If you go down to the woods today”

CUC Contemporary Urban Centre Clue “In a common area of the venue, not in gallery spaces.”

FACT In a common area of the venue, not in gallery spaces.

Encounters And Memories at Blackburne House, Clue “Look up at the conservatory”
Corke Gallery Clue ” Mind the Gap”

St Georges Hall Heritage Centre Clue “Above this throne of Justice, you will be flushed with success”

Up & Coming Present: ‘Giz a touch’ at the Domino Gallery, Clue “Behind a screen? In a corridor? Seek out our literature in the gallery, have a read through. You might just find what you are looking for?”

Metal at Edge Hill Station Clue “Mr Chesterfield’s right hand man guards the loot” Clue “Don’t burn your fingers”

Editions Clues “Even in a small room you can find a red lorry”

Seagrass Studio Gallery Clue “I’m keeping it under my hat”

Botanical Gardens Museum Southport, Clue “What is the Pilot of the Future guarding?”

Each coin features a Found a Pound sticker, if you find a pound or if you have a pound of your own, visit our Use It and Spend It pages to find imaginative ways on how a simple pound coin can make a difference. “Don’t know your neighbours? Buy them a pound of sugar!”
Please note the coins will not be found on or in any works of art. You will not need to touch anything or enter restricted areas to find the pounds. Nearly all venues hide the pound in a common area, not in gallery space. When a pound is found, venues will replace the coin the next day or every other day at varying times, so if a coin has been found, there may not be another coin to find immediately. Good Luck!!!

Why a pound? Nearly a quarter of the worlds population lives on a pound a day or less. Spend the pound on anything at all, a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate or drop it in the hat of a busker. Although it’s just small change, you could use it to make a bigger change.

Why Liverpool? Liverpool is the most generous city in the UK! Warm-hearted Liverpool residents are “exceptionally generous” when it comes to giving to charity, according to World Vision. The charity awarded Liverpool with the title of the most generous city in the UK during a presentation to then Mayor of Liverpool, Mike Storey in 2009. The Liverpool Biennial is the largest contemporary art event in the UK and one of the best attended in the world.

Full list of 36 venues so far: The Walker, FACT, The Biennial Visitors Centre, Renshaw St, St Georges Hall Heritage Centre, CUC Contemporary Urban Centre, Arena Studios, Domino Gallery, Metal at Edge Hill Station, Seagrass Studio Gallery, Editions,, Corke Gallery, Dee Fine Arts , Blackburne House, Gallery4allarts, Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, Gostins Gallery, Leaf Tea Shop and Bar, The Wirral Open Studio Tour – (15 Venues), Botanical Gardens Museum – Southport, Madelainartz, 3345 Parr St.

Visit for updates and more details.


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