Traveling Through The Liverpool Giant – Video Show

Traveling Through The Liverpool Giant
By EN Burk / Allen Morgan

a film retraces the path of Liverpool Giant

(video ~ 22 minutes)

Thursday 27th Sep 2007 6:30pm – 9:30pm – Film Screening
Friday 28th Sep 2007 7pm – 9pm – Q&A with the Artists
Saturday 1pm – Waking the the Giant – meeting at Mello Mello, Slater St.

The Liverpool Giant is big! Its head is up on Everton Brow and its hips are down around the spring in St. James Cemetery. The Giant is hard to see initially, it exists in more than the usual three dimensions. So how can we ever hope to see the Giant’s shape in our everyday world if our everyday world makes up the shape of the Giant itself?

This “backwards” movie retraces the path taken on our first journey within the Liverpool Giant (Oct 22, 2006). Still photos and video are combined to create a continuous backwards zoom through the Giant’s seven chakras from the Root (St. James Cemetery) to the Crown (the Iron Church – St. George’s, Everton). Various people and events come and go throughout the movie, but the Giant is there continually – can you see it?

There will be some talk before and after the showing of this film. Some background about what the Liverpool Giant is (and isn’t). Some ideas about how to wake it up. Hopefully there will be enough interest for us to begin work on a more theatrical interaction with the Giant over the next few years.

It takes a lot of people to wake a sleeping Giant, and there’s no one way to do it. Every idea is a good one so long as it’s sincerely concerned with helping the Giant awake. Have an idea? A deep longing to do something? Had a glimpse of what the Giant is dreaming about? Come see the film, enter into the discussion and join the play.

For more info contact:
EN Burk / Allen Morgan