Transmission by Barbara Jones at LMI

barbara-jones-100.jpgI’m sure the Liverpool Medical Institution is one of the most unnoticed big buildings in the city. Its that curved place on the corner that everyone dashes past on their way to the Everyman. Now at last there’s a reason to look up and take notice.

Transmission is Barbara Jones’ artwork inspired by historical aspects of Liverpool Medical Institution, one of the oldest medical societies in the world.


This site-specific installation consists of a continuous vinyl printed image of disease cells which invades the building.

These tiny universes of cells are my starting point from which I explore the dynamics of abstraction and question traditional notions of beauty.

The work is only viewed from the outside. Its very rare for anyone to venture inside the building anyway, I worked on the campus for over 26 years and never saw anyone go in or out but then I was just rushing past to get to the Everyman.


(I’m not serious of course, LMI is a world class conference centre with its own lecture theatre available for hire and as such is in constant use but the entrance is at the back)

Transmission by Barbara Jones
Liverpool Medical Institution
20.09.2008 – 30.11.2008