Transition at the International

doug-king-smith.jpgAnother blink-and-you-miss-it exhibition at the International finished today. We managed to catch it on Saturday and it was a good one.

Artists: Steve Gent, Gregory Scott Gurner, Prinul Patel, Doug King-Smith, Mary Parnwell, Sy Hackney, Anna Scheer, Kathryn Jordan, Sam Alty, Rodrigo Pareja, Gwenn Tregoat, David Parker, Alan Lee Varker, and Paul Senior …

Bringing together artists from around the country – 8 years on from setting up the first Arts Organisation venture, 491 Gallery Sustainable Community Regeneration Art Project in Leytonstone, East London, a collection of founding members and artists brought together a diverse show.


I especially liked Rodrigo Pareja’s minimal paintings (above) and Primul Patel’s larger abstracted landscapes (below)

Transition. Exhibition at The International, Slater St. 14.11.2008 – 18.11.2008