Tracey Emin’s Bird Returns!


The tiny bird from Tracey Emin’s sculpture, Roman Standard, has been returned by the people who took it. We are delighted. I hope its put back on its perch really soon.

As many of you have seen and heard, as we were the first to report the disappearance, we’ve featured a lot on the BBC radio and TV this week discussing the theft of this lovely artwork. I was woken up at 7am today by a phone call from Radio Merseyside to announce that they’d received an anonymous phone call telling them where to find the bird.

The reporter Ian Kenyon went to the Oratory grounds and found a jiffy bag containing the sculpture with a press cutting about the story and a note of apology!
We went along at 8am to be interviewed and see the bird really close up for the first time – its a lot more detailed than I’d thought.

Of course, its got no legs now, they are still on the pole, looks like it was just snapped off.

I guess it will be a while before its restored and long term may well be moved elsewhere which is a shame, I’m used to it being there – visible but not too visible.



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